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DNA Industrial Hygiene provides these as examples of our services, we are a full service Industrial Hygiene and Safety Organization, the scope of our services is not limited to the below examples. 

          Standard Terms and Conditions, DNA Contract Document.

         California DOSH Asbestos Contractors Registration Unit has formidable requirements, we assist licensed California Contractors who want to remove asbestos with a Safety & Health Program guaranteed to be DOSH ACRU- Cal-OSHA acceptable. We provide this service for a flat fee. We complete the application with your information and walk the application through the DOSH ACRU. We do not have additional charges if the DOSH ACRU does not approve the application because the "Standard Operating Policy" (SOP) needs any changes. We will make those changes at no additional cost to you. Please browse to the what I do for you . There are additional charges if you have been cited by an Agency or have other administrative problems that are not related to the "Standard Operating Policy" that we have prepared. We are the source for this service. We have completed this service for most of the currently licensed Asbestos Contractors in California. Start your DOSH ACRU Registration Today, here is the order sheet, the DOSH Approval Application . Please check the instructions page if you are unfamiliar with Acrobat ®.  You will need to print the application, the terms and conditions and mail the application along a check.  We provide ongoing assistance to help Asbestos Contractors meet the registration requirements. Read the frequently asked questions for DOSH ACRU Applications. Most DOSH ACRU approved contractors use our services when they apply for their annual renewal. We keep them current with a current SOP and make the renewal process simple, quick and safe. Our Clients use the Official Roster Site to help them keep the roster accurate. The roster is provided as part of our ongoing services to Asbestos Removal Contractors in California.  Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) is a new concern, current regulations are confusing and difficult to understand.  CalOSHA is creating a working group to define work practices and training standards for NOA.  Check here for updates and more information.

         If you have any problems with a CalOSHA,; Air Quality Management District or DTSC -- citations Better Call Dan! 800-644-1924 x 103. Do it as soon as you get any notices, we will help you!

          The best source for experienced qualified Safety & Health Professionals, for example Certified Industrial Hygienists. When you want a CIH or CSP call on us 800-644-1924. We have qualified professionals near you, or we can make a sound recommendation to help you find the right Safety & Health professional. We own our equipment, air monitoring, radiation and sound dosimeters (dosemeters), light and sound meters, tracer gas and specific and non-specific direct reading gas meters, etc..

         Mercury Spill Cleanup Services.  A mercury spill can be a very costly experience.  We have the experience and ability to help you minimize both your cost and risk.  DNA owns the most sensitive portable mercury detection equipment available.  When you have a mercury spill time is of the essence.  We can respond and help you when you need the help.  We have the experience and the ability to do the job

        Tracer Gas Ventilation System services are part of our expertise.  We have the experience,  materials and equipment to conduct tracer gas testing. See the frequently asked questions for HVAC Testing

         To qualify for Workers Compensation Self Insurance you must have a survey by a CIH, CSP or PE see details on our services.


         Underground Tank Certification or Confined Space Entry Oversight by a CIH. When you remove a UST in California you will need a CIH or Marine Chemist to certify the tank is no longer hazardous. We can do this for you. When you repair or enter an underground tank you will need to have a CIH or CSP write and approve your Safety Plan and have a CIH or CSP conduct oversight during the project. We have the experience, and ability to work with the local agencies. Use the FAX Purchase Order Form to start this process.


         CALTRANS compliance plans and air monitoring , please call 800-644-1924 X 103 for a quote and to set up your account.  After that you can Order on Line . Please check the instructions sheet if you are not familiar with Adobe Acrobat ®.  Pricing is competitive and based on each project. Plans have been approved in every district, many times.  CALTRANS Lead compliance plans can be returned to your site within 24 hours they are available in electronic forms with the appropriate seals and documentation. Check out the frequently asked questions . Cal-Trans  Caltrans California Department of Transportation, Cal DOT


         Safety Audits, are priced as a not to exceed figure, call or Email for quotation. DNA has the ability to conduct small, to very large assessments. These assessments are sometimes called benchmark surveys.


         Air Monitoring, exposure assessment. See the frequently asked questions for air monitoring.


         Noise Level or Dosimetry testing. You may need to evaluate the noise levels in your plant. We can do it, we own the equipment and can do the work. Please check the frequently asked questions for Noise survey or dosimetry.

         Hazardous material assessment and mitigation.  We can design the mitigation plan, write the risk assessment, and provide safety & health monitoring during the mitigation effort.  We can provide a complete mitigation if you prefer that we manage all of the mitigation.  We are a licensed California Contractor with General Engineering and  Hazardous certification. 


         Worker Training Classes. California DHS Lead and Cal DOSH Asbestos. See ESTP for schedules and fees.


         Asbestos Worker, Supervisor, Inspector, Project Designer, Management Planner Courses Initial and Refresher Courses. California DHS Approved Lead and DOSH Approved AHERA Courses are provided.  See ESTP for schedules and fees.


         DNA can help you find personal protection equipment, (respirators etc) and safety products.  Call 800-644-1924


         Expert Witness, OSHA defense, AQMD hearing representation.



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