Client References


DNA Industrial Hygiene has a solid reputation for excellence in its industrial hygiene, environmental, and occupational safety & health services. Our client list is extensive, however we carefully protect client confidentiality. The following is a partial list of clients and services, some are a specific project others are typical of generic services:

Plastics Manufacturer


Managed the removal of a manufacturing line clarifier and the remediation of contaminated soil. In support of this activity, DNA wrote site specific safety plans and protocols.

Petroleum Company


Provided on-site asbestos laboratory services for work at the home office. The project continued for two years.

International Company


Conducted environmental surveys, HAZWOPER training, technical assistance and safety planning.

Engineering & Construction Company


Responsible for the management of industrial hygiene activities associated with multiple asbestos removal projects at jobs in the United States.

Contractors & Manufacturers


DNA has provided safety consultation services that include representation during OSHA and AQMD citations. Our primary concern is the prevention of accidents, illness and disease, but we have provided important assistance after an unplanned event.

Theater Renovation


Emergency response action during OSHA response to accidental disturbance of hazardous materials from renovation activities.

City Planning


Managed asbestos abatement mitigation for a major convention center.

School District


Supervised and managed contracted abatement of asbestos throughout the school system. Developed on-site laboratory, management and supervisory protocols for the abatement activity.

Government Agency


Managed asbestos mitigation computer center. Maintenance of operations was crucial during the abatement activity due to air traffic control concerns.

International Construction Company


Managed and provided asbestos abatement and industrial hygiene services for continuous occupancy multi-floor and multi-tenant sites.

Military National Training Center


Risk Assessment for practice ranges and structures. Emergency response for worker complaints from perceived hydrogen sulfide exposure.

Defense Contractor


A major defense contractor liquidated their holdings. They chose DNA to manage the safe and cost effective plant demobilization. The project required several years to complete, but under our management the actual cost was less than half the client's estimated cost.

National Bank


Assessed bank branches for hazardous materials. Managed mitigation of Asbestos in branches and the home office. The management oversight resulted in significant cost savings for the client. Demolished facilities that were environmentally stressed. Developed alternate uses for properties resulting in significant cost savings for the client.

National Defense Laboratory


Baseline Industrial Hygiene Audit of all the laboratories and support systems. Asbestos mitigation at research facility.

Construction Management Company


Served on the environmental project team for the organization on the Los Angeles County Courthouse renovation.

Aeronautical Corporation


Contracted as the on-site industrial consultant at three Southern California facilities for air monitoring, testing, sampling and emergency response asbestos projects.



Performed industrial hygiene surveys, air monitoring, testing, and sampling for the decontamination of heavily used shipyard facilities.

Food Manufacturing Corporation


Authored custom safety programs and developed safety procedures for their manufacturing facilities. Developed instruction manuals for equipment operators.

Construction Company


Conducted worker exposure surveys relating to rubber asphalt paving applications. Consulted on sampling protocols, suspected exposures, ways of minimizing risks to workers, and safety improvements in equipment handling. Provided successful defense for Cal/OSHA compliance actions.

People's Republic of China -
China Environmental Protection Corporation


Owner's representative and purchasing agent for U.S. manufactured environmental equipment for Waste Water Treatment Plants and other pollution control measures.

Property Owners, Commercial


Environment audits and response actions. Mitigation of Underground Storage Tanks (UST). Clean-up of contaminants. Compliance for AQMD and OSHA Regulations. Supervision of Tank Lining Projects.



Performed industrial hygiene surveys, air monitoring, testing, and sampling for the decontamination of shipyard facilities.

Testing Laboratory


Provided AIHA accredited and NVLAP laboratory services for asbestos sampling and testing. The laboratory was active for over ten years. DNA served many clients and agencies.

Government Agency


Various projects, including staff training and project management. Managed construction quality control and industrial hygiene activity for the removal of asbestos and renovation of dam project.

Federal Courthouse


Managed Lead abatement activities for Historical Monument Renovation.



Conducted a wide variety of Industrial Hygiene, Health and Surveys over the course of several years. Devised mitigation strategies for potentially hazardous situations, materials and circumstances. Maintain outside staff position for AHERA and safety in-service training.

Automotive Manufacturer


Developed and instituted safety programs, Spanish language forklift training, MSDS lists, and safety protocols specific to industrial foundry and robotics facilities.

Commercial Real Estate


Asbestos mitigation management for high rise multi story occupied office and residential buildings.

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